Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

There are approximately 50 million people who have allergic rhinitis, or hay fever triggered by dust mites, mold and other allergens often found in air ducts and elsewhere in the home.  “There’s never been a great study that shows objective evidence of disease improvement (as a result of air duct cleaning),” says allergist Anthony Montanaro, MD. “But to me, it’s always been a commonsense move. If you’re sensitive to what’s found in dust, it’s to your best advantage to minimize exposure to it.”  Allergist Dr. Montanaro will ask his patients about their heating systems as part of his allergy trigger investigation.

Visual signs like mold or dust around your air vents can indicate a need for a cleaning.  Sometimes when you can’t see the evidence, you should ask yourself these questions.

  • Does your house constantly seem dusty even after you have cleaned it?
  • If your house is more than or you’ve lived there for more than 10 years, have your air ducts ever been cleaned?
  • Do you sneeze more or notice allergy symptoms when you turn on your heating/cooling system?
  • Do you have asthma that’s not well controlled even while you are taking your asthma medicine?

Experts at the American College of Allergy say that answering yes to any of these questions, should encourage you to consider getting your air ducts cleaned.  “It’s better safe than sorry for people who have underlying asthma or allergies or breathing issues.”

The cleaning process should begin with an inspection.  When there are signs of mold or moisture, it's usually an indication of moisture somewhere in the system and the problem will need to be corrected before air duct cleaning can take place. In the case of excessive dust, there usually is an air filtration problem.  This can be caused by debris, such as roaches, or mice clogging entry points and those points should be plugged before cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaners of Virginia will come out and inspect your air duct system and walk you through their findings.  A quote is usually provided at the time of inspection or for large commercial jobs, a proposal is usually submitted within the next business day.

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