Air Duct Coating

Air Duct Coating - Chesapeake, VA

When fiberglass lined ductwork or fiberglass duct board requires cleaning, we can successfully clean and coat these products if they are not damaged by water or delaminating due to age or improper installation. Cleaning is performed using the latest in tools and technology by our experienced Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS). We use commercial grade airless spray equipment and high tech spray rods and tips to effectively coat and seal fiberglass surfaces with coating specifically designed for breathing air systems.

There is considerable controversy over the use of fiberglass in air conveyance systems. Studies relating to this controversy by manufacturers routinely results in finding that support the use of fiberglass.

In response to growing consumer concerns, several manufactures have come up with lines of fiberglass ductboard with improved indoor air quality benefits. These product lines have special surface coatings and require special training for proper installation.

Whether or not fiberglass in breathing air streams is ultimately determined good or bad, we at Air Duct Cleaners of Virginia, do NOT clean fiberglass lined sheet metal ductwork or fiberglass ductboard without sealing the breathing air stream surface of the fiberglass with a suitable coating specifically designed for air conveyance systems.

Internally lined sheet metal ductwork is accessed through existing opening or by cutting 8" or 12" round access holes in the sheet metal in accordance with Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) guidelines to accommodate entry with cleaning and coating tools. Fiberglass ductboard is accessed through existing opening or by cutting converging 45 degree access holes in accordance with North American Insulation Manufactuers Assoication (NAIMA) standards. Upon completion of cleaning and coating the facing surfaces of the cutout are sealed with a spray adhesive and reinstalled with foil tape over the access cuts.

All coatings used by us are specifically designed for air conveyance systems and applied in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Many companies market other products to coat or seal duct surfaces and apply their coating by spraying them into the operating duct system with a fogger. Tests indicate that materials introduced in this manner tend not to effectively coat the interior of the duct surface. Furthermore, spraying any product into an operating system can potentially contaminate the fan, filtration system, cooling coils, heating system and negatively affect operational efficiency.