I am Dispatch Supervisor Embry with the Chesapeake PD and I wanted to let you know that the gentlemen who came out this morning did an excellent job with cleaning our ducts and replacing some of the tiles in the dispatch center. They were professional and courteous at all times and attempted to keep the noise as low as possible. With our dispatchers talking on the radio to police officers, it is vital that we can hear everything they say, as well as they must be able to hear us. The gentlemen also took care with covering equipment and keeping adequate ventilation in the room.

I can’t speak for the whole room, of course and I surely don’t handle anything having to do with the budget so, anything “official” would have to come from my Supervisor but, we were in the room working when they came in this morning and I just wanted to tell someone what a great job they did.

Thank-you very much.

Melody J. Embry
Dispatch Supervisor C Squad